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Herbal Tea Calma de los Andes Mindful 60g View larger

Herbal Tea Calma de los Andes Mindful 60g



The Calma de los Andes Herbal Tea from Mindful Herbs has been specially designed as a soothing balm to calm a scattered mind and changing emotions. Calma de los Andes is an Herbal Tea that provides ideal tranquility during our daily activities and promotes deep rest at night. Enjoy its benefits to restore inner balance and the serenity you need.

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Calma de los Andes Herbal Tea contains the following ingredients: Valerian Root, Lemon Grass, Verbena, Linden, Weaver's Broom, Apple and Cinnamon.


All these ingredients have been selected for their specific properties and traditional use in the Andean region.


Preparation: 5 to 7g for 20cl of water


Suggested Temperature: 85 - 90°C


Infusion Time: 3 - 5 min.


This approach is an invitation to fully embrace an experience that allows calmness to penetrate your inner being.


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