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Cocoa Tea Kuyay 200g



Peruvian cocoa Tea is an aromatic and flavourful beverage made from roasted cocoa husks to enjoy its benefits and light flavour without milk. The husk is the outer part of the cocoa bean that provides a variety of subtle aromas and flavours. This infusion is caffeine-free, as caffeine is found in the cocoa beans, not in the husk. 

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Peruvian cocoa tea is appreciated not only for its taste and its connection to the rich cocoa tradition in Peru but also for its potential health benefits. Cocoa tea, in particular, contains a wide range of nutrients, including vitamins A and C, pectin, theobromine, calcium, magnesium, oleic acid, linoleic acid, antioxidants, and fiber. This beverage is recommended as an antidiarrheal due to its ability to protect intestinal bacterial flora, and it also acts as an effective anti-inflammatory due to its theobromine content, which helps reduce water retention. Additionally, thanks to its high magnesium content, cocoa tea helps the body regain energy and combat insomnia, making it an ideal option for addressing fatigue, chronic tiredness, and frequent cramps.


In terms of preparation, Peruvian cocoa tea is made by boiling the cocoa husk in hot water for several minutes, similar to tea preparation. It can be consumed hot or cold, according to personal preferences. Additionally, other ingredients such as spices (like cinnamon or vanilla) or natural sweeteners (like honey or cane sugar) can be added to give it a flavour boost.

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