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Hearty Purple Organic Corn Flakes EcoAndino 300g



Hearty Flakes are Corn flakes made from purple corn grains with an incredible taste. Enriched with Quinoa, Yacón and Cacao bean nibs for a delicious and nutritious breakfast, these Corn Flakes are very healthy thanks to the purple Corn grains rich in proteins, carbohydrates and essential easy to digest fatty acids. Purple corn is a natural source of anthocyanin.


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Hearty Flakes, our delicious cereal, stands out for its main ingredient: Purple Corn, rich in special anthocyanins known as cyanidin-3-b-glucose, which give it its distinctive purple color. Additionally, this cereal features the presence of Quinoa, an Andean food that has been consumed since pre-Hispanic cultures. Quinoa is certified by the FAO and recommended by NASA due to its high nutritional content, making it a complete food.

One of the ingredients that makes this organic product even more special is Yacon, an ancestral tuber known for its sweet flavor from its sugars, especially FOS.

Hearty Flakes is the perfect choice for breakfast because, in addition to the aforementioned benefits, it also contains cocoa. Cocoa not only enhances the effectiveness of other minerals and nutrients in the body but also contributes to a healthier life.

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