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Black Maca Powder PREMIUM Organic 100% pure EcoAndino 200g



The Black Maca PREMIUM powder is Men's Maca. It's the most energizing Maca for Men. A 100% natural aphrodisiac without side effects. Black Maca improves fertility and helps fight against erectile dysfunction. It improves endurance and helps muscle mass gain for athletes. Maca also improves learning by fighting memory deficiencies.

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Black Maca Powder obtained from transformation of Organic Maca roots.

250g bag of Black Maca PREMIUM Powder 100% pure.

Cultivation Altitude:

Selected Maca tubers (Lepidium peruvianum G. Chacon) grown and sun-dried on the Altiplano highlands of the Peruvian region of Junín between 4200 and 4400 masl.

The Black Maca is intended for Men. It is the most invigorating. A natural and effective 100% Aphrodisiac without side effects, this Maca improves fertility and allows to fight against the disturbances and problems of the erection. It improves the resistance and favors the formation of muscles in the athletes. Improve learning by combating memory deficiencies.

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