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Inca Kola Gordita 625ml



The Inca Kola Gordita became the iconic bottle of Inca Kola with its innovative format two decades ago. In Peru, asking for 'a gordita' in shops or restaurants is common and does not require any explanation. This term is associated with the 625ml bottle of the soft drink, an ideal size for sharing. The Gordita is now the brand's emblem. Its attractive design has created its popularity.

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The Inca Kola Gordita emerged in the early 1990s, at a time when most soft drink brands in Peru were focused on half-liter bottles as the standard format. However, Johnny Lindley Taboada, the creator of Inca Kola, identified an untapped market opportunity that his competitors had overlooked. He observed how people gathered in bodegas and parks to share drinks and food, but the half-liter bottles fell short for these social occasions. This gave birth to the 'gordita' of Inca Kola, a bigger and eye-catching container that quickly achieved instant success due to its unique visual design and larger capacity.


The Inca Kola Gordita was swiftly embraced by the public, who appreciated its distinctive shape and generous capacity, accentuated by the catchy label "giant half-liter". People affectionately started referring to the bottle as 'la gordita'. This endearing term endured over time, and the product's acceptance remains strong due to the enduring prevalence of shared consumption scenarios in Peru. Additionally, the innovation of the screw cap added a final touch that set it apart from the competition.

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