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The Torontel grape is one of the 8 grape varieties allowed in the production of Pisco according to Peru's official Denomination of Origin. It is one of the 4 so-called "aromatic" varieties of Pisco grape because its fragrance stimulates the sense of smell more intensely than "non-aromatic" varieties.

The Torontel grape, with green-golden clusters and also called Muscat of Alexandria or Yellow Muscat, is renowned for its aromatic and floral character. It stands out for its intense floral and citrus aromas, with subtle and exquisite notes of orange blossom, jasmine, verbena, and tropical fruits. On the palate, hints of cinnamon, peach, and honey can also be detected.

Pure piscos made from Torontel grapes are often referred to as “Mosto Verde” Piscos. They possess a remarkable aromatic structure and are ideal for enjoying neat as a digestif.

When this grape variety enters the composition of a Pisco called "Acholado", its exuberant and enchanting character contributes to creating unique flavours and aromas in the blend, offering a delightful experience when preparing even more festive cocktails (such as the Chilcano, for instance) !

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