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Ají Limo

Ají Limo (Capsicum chinense) is an aromatic chilli pepper native to Peru cultivated since pre-Hispanic times.

It is medium-sized and smaller than the Ají Amarillo but hotter. It is characterized by its intense lemony aroma which makes it the quintessential pepper for Ceviches. In addition to being spicy (you can remove the seeds from it to lower the heat level!), the Ají Limo is highly decorative as it naturally comes in different colours such as yellow, orange, red, green, white and purple. The Ají Limo fruit can have a spherical or elongated shape and a size ranging from 1 to about 10 cm.

The Ají Limo pepper is used thinly sliced or finely chopped to spice up cold sauces or pickles and it is the king of Leche de Tigre, the Ceviche marinade where its spiciness and lemony aroma enhance the flavours of this dish while reinforcing the cold cooking of fish or seafood thanks to the combination with lime juice and coriander.

The Ají Limo chilli pastes for cooking and the liquid table sauces will have the same strength and citrus-like flavour. Use Ají Limogenerally raw, to enhance any fish or seafood dish.

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