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Ceviche is a term which refers to a dish made with fresh white fish and/or seafood marinated in lime juice, coriander, chili and other ingredients according to the recipe. Ceviche is an iconic national dish of Peru and is considered part of its culinary heritage.

Peruvian ceviche is prepared with fresh ingredients such as white fish fillets, seafood, lime juice, coriander, Peruvian chili, red onions, salt, and sometimes garlic. The lime marinade lightly cooks fish and seafood, giving them a firm texture and a tangy, fresh flavor. Ceviche is often served on lettuce with vegetables such as sweet potato, different varieties of corn like grilled Cancha and fresh boiled Choclo corn and sometimes salted plantain chips (Chifles).

There are many regional variations of ceviche in Peru, each with its own ingredients and preparation techniques. Ceviche is a popular dish all year round in Peru.

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